An engagement ring isn’t just an accessory, it’s a symbol of your love and coming nuptials, an item that will warm up your heart every single second. Have you decided... - wedding jewelry

Real Pearls And 925Silver Bracelet, 10-11MM Freshwater Pearls In Sterling Silver Chian & Link Bracelet, Art Deco. Pearls Floating Bracelet - wedding jewelry

Big Pearls And Silver Tassel Earrings, 13-15MM Baroque Cultured Pearls In Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings, Large Real Pearl Earrings - wedding jewelry

Untreated Aquamarine And Diamonds Gold Ring, 2.5Ct. Blue Aquamarine & Genuine Diamonds In 14KT Solid Gold Solitair Ring, Engagement Ring - wedding jewelry

This charm is full of symbolism, the oak trunk represents strength and being firmly rooted or grounded, while the woodbine is symbolic of life, love and new beginnings. The woodbine is a representation of love that injures nothing to which it clings. Also called honeysuckle, the woodbine is a climbing vine that does not damage what it attaches to....such an endearing sentiment! - wedding jewelry

200 hairstyles for you to look like the queen bee of the night! - wedding jewelry

A perfect pair of Scottish Thistle fine silver cuff links. The thistle is the national flower of Scotland, the meaning "No One Provokes Me With Impunity". The national emblem of Scotland, one thistle is said to have saved an entire Scottish army. The Thistle symbolizes strength, unity and friendship. - wedding jewelry

Pictured is a sailboat being tossed around in the waves as Cupid tries to guide his vessel towards the Polar Star. The charm is surrounded by the French Motto " Te Perdant, Je Suis Perdu" which translates to "Losing you, I'm Lost" or "If I Lose You, I am Lost", what an endearing charm, for we all have something or someone in our lives that we'd be lost without ~ your love/light guides me. - wedding jewelry

Pictured is an anchor, with a centered cross that is part of the anchor, and a heart in the center. The anchor is symbolic of hope, the cross is a symbol of faith and the heart is symbolic of love - wedding jewelry