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Photo by Jules Bower Photography - Wedding Photography

A bridal editorial inspired by Nikki Rowe's quote - “Like a wild flower; she spent her days, allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all; knew of her light.” - Wedding Photography

Bridal Silhoutte in a doorway or window - Wedding Photography

Exquisite black-and-white wedding photo. // Csodás fekete-fehér esküv?i fotó. - Wedding Photography

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free flow trash the dress or pre-nup photoshoot - Wedding Photography

The most adventurous journey to embark on; is the journey to yourself, the most exciting thing to discover; is who you really are, the most treasured pieces that you can find; are all the pieces of you, the most special portrait you can recognize; is the portrait of your soul. ~C. JoyBell C. - Wedding Photography

verrry cute, only difference is that my train on my dress if long. - Wedding Photography